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We have transferred to the Shadowlands server and merged with Legends guild.

Please make your way to their website and to the new server.  Thank you for all the support.

Guild News

10/10 Nightmare 16

Galindon, Mar 13, 12 11:11 AM.

And thats Karagga!  Nice push in the 4 day week of raids.  Now we can go down to 2.

9 down, 1 to go.

Galindon, Mar 11, 12 11:40 PM.
Great push this week to get these bosses killed.

Jarg and Sorno

Foreman Crusher

Garbage Droid


Galindon, Mar 7, 12 11:52 PM.
16 Man Nightmare Bonethrasher 2/29/2012 (Go leap day raidin)

16 Man Nightmare Soa   3/7/2012

16 Man Nightmare 4/10

Galindon, Feb 29, 12 11:53 AM.
Yes, I am slow.  Thanks to all the new apps and upgrading our fresh Operatives to full Rakata in like 2 weeks of running.


16 man Hard - 10/10 Bring on the Nightmare 16!

Galindon, Feb 21, 12 6:14 PM.
16 man hard mode done.  When does the challenge come? Nightmares, NEXT!
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